A Real Estate Agent who is Down to Earth!

"With Gary's experience level, he was able to quickly identify the condo complexes that most suited us and fit our needs, saving us a lot of time and inconvenience. He is both professional and down to earth!"

- Jeff & Lisa Weiler

Fantastic to Work With When Buying a Home!

"Gary was knowledgeable, comfortable to work with, professional, and prompt. He was fantastic to work with."

- George & Renee Coughlin

A Real Estate Partner Who Made it Personal!

"Gary went above and beyond to help us find a home. he knows what to look for, like dock permits. He went out of his way, made it personal, not just a sale!"

- Joe & Lisa Garrett

A Knowledgeable Agent Who was Not Pushy!

"We were working on a timeline. Gary was all business and very easy to talk with. We were really comfortable working with Gary. He was not pushy, but knew his business."

- Ross & Libby Mechlin

Straightforward When Helping Us Find a Home!

"Gary was very straightforward, friendly and professional. He found what we were looking for."

- Karl & Deborah Combs

Very Knowledgeable About the Lake of the Ozarks!

"I would advise anyone to talk with Gary. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable about the area, spent a lot of time with us and really impressed us!"

- Ralph & JoAnne Whallon

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